Latest Release

GLM V3.1 (2020 release)

Source Code

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  • New mass-balance output option
  • New initial condition ability hot-start
  • WQ improvements & bug fixes

  • GLM V3.0 (2019 release)

    Download Model Source Code


    • Current stable release
    • GLM: The above GLM binary comes packaged with FABM & AED2.
    • GLM+: Note the GLM+ version is GLM coupled with AED2 & AED2+. This is made available on request.
    • Documentation:

    • PDF: GMD paper
    • Online: User Guide
    • Code Structure: Code Diagram
    • Update notes:

      • new glm.nml format and options - refer to the online user info
      • advances to allow shallow lake simulation, allowing for drying out
      • sediment heating improved, and can optionally be zone specific
      • new light model option, allowing for multi-bandwidth integration
      • restructure of mixing model
      • debugging of atmospheric stability and surface heating options
      • outflow weir option
      • withdrawal depth range limit, and depth range output option
      • updated seepage model
      • new wind-sheltering options
      • Updated AED2 WQ module [Some features available only in GLM+]

    Release History

    GLM V2.4 (2017 release)

    Download Model Goto Source Code

    GLM V2.2 (2016 release)

    v1.4: 2014 Stable release (v1.4.0):

    v1.3.2: 2013 release:

    v1.3.0: 2012 release:

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