Academic Staff

Matthew R Hipsey

Dr. Matt Hipsey

Matt is an Associate Professor in the Environmental Science disciplines of the School of Agriculture and Environment and he leads the AED Group.

Peisheng Huang

Dr. Peisheng Huang

Peisheng is a Research Fellow with expertise in modelling estuary and lake biogeochemistry.

Daniel Paraska

Dr. Dan Paraska

Dan is a Research Associate experience in water and sediment quality, and catchment modelling.

Technicians and Affiliates

Brendan Busch

Brendan Busch

Brendan is a Senior Research Engineer and responsible for data analysis and model systems

Casper Boon

Casper Boon

Casper is a Senior Software Engineer and responsible for software development

AED Alumni

Tanveer Adyel (PhD)

Metabolism of urban wetlands as an indicator of function

Benya Wang (PhD)

Application of machine learning for nutrient prediction in urban catchments

Hasnein bin Tareque (PhD)

Climate change impacts on wetland ecohydrology: Case of the Western Swamp Tortoise

Dan Paraska (PhD)

Environmental controls on chemical interactions at the sediment-water interface

Yasmina Elshafei (PhD)

The drivers of river basin sustainability: Is coevolution of social perceptions and ecosystem services the key?

Gayan Gunaratne (PhD)

The effects of altered hydrological regimes on water quality and nutrient delivery to a sub-tropical coastal wetland

Ana Laura Ruibal Conti (PhD)
Connecting land to the ocean: A retrospective analysis of nutrient flux pathways within the Peel-Harvey catchment-estuary system

Janaine Coletti (PhD)

Ecological services provided by wetlands as a function of vegetation-hydrology co-evolution

Ryan Kam Chuan Yang (MSc)

Controls on sediment phosphorus release

Jardine MacDonald (Hons)

Water balance of the arid zone Nullagine catchment

Sam Robinson (Hons)
Nutrient partitioning along the land use gradient of rivers within the Leschenault catchment

Yu Li (PhD)
Unravelling microbial interactions in aquatic ecosystems: an improved model of microbial controls on nutrient processing

Alice Gedaria (PhD)
Niche partitioning of microbial populations in the Swan-Canning estuary

Mathias Norlem (MSc)
(Visiting from Aalborg University, Denmark)
Sediment-water oxygen and nutrient flux modelling of the Upper Swan estuary.

Vardit Makler-Pick (PhD)
(Visiting from Technion University, Israel)
A lake ecosystem model as a research tool for exploring fish impacts on food web dynamics

Zati Sharip (PhD)

Ecosystem processes controlling macrophyte dominance in Lake Chini, Malaysia