Science to underpin sustainable waterways

The AED research group studies the functional interrelations between hydrology, biogeochemistry and biota to predict the response of inland and coastal waters to local and global pressures.


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Research focus areas

Our research aims to unravel how humans, through agricultural and urban development and changes to climate regimes, impact on inland and coastal aquatic ecosystems. We combine hydrodynamics, biotic interactions and aquatic biogeochemistry with a range of state-of-the-art modelling approaches. Our main research themes are:

  • Computational aquatic dynamics: Modelling aquatic systems
  • Ecohydrology of wetlands and waterways: Interactions of water, elements and biota
  • The dynamics of catchment systems: Catchments as coupled social-environmental systems

Management of our Aquatic Environments and Catchment Systems

Through better understanding of the processes that lead to deterioration of water quality and aquatic habitat, new knowledge can be found to support sustainable policies and practices that can ultimately reduce risks to human health and prevent the loss of plant and animal species.

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